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Mon Nov 11 17:37:57 UTC 2013

Another alternative to using Xfce menu or Whisker; try a launcher, I 
like Synapse, it remembers what you use often, indexes files, folders, 
apps, settings, etc, and can be called with any hotkey you chose.  I 
usually keep Synapse mapped to the super key, that way anything I need 
to access is only a tap away.  I honestly don't ever use the menu anymore.

If you want expose, the only thing I know of is using GNOME (which also 
has unfocused scrolling), but that brings other issues into play.  I 
find GNOME too cumpersome for heavy duty Audio/graphical work.  However, 
I do have GNOME3 on my everyday laptop, and love it.  If you haven't 
tried GNOME3 lately, give it a shot, it's very convient when you get 
used to it.  Shoot me an email if you want some pics of config, GNOME vs 


On 11/11/2013 12:18 PM, Hazan Pérez wrote:
> Hello,
> I've looked a bit into this a got a few results. I have a laptop in
> which I can test distros and the such, helps me decide what to install
> in my main computer. It doesn't has the same hardware, but it's a big
> help.
> Installed the latest version of US and looked for a few things in the
> internet. For the window list that also works as a dock there is
> DockBarX, which is great. Changed the default menu for Whisker Menu,
> which behaves a bit like Mint Menu. Haven't looked into my other
> requests, but the unfocused scroll is a must; if any of you know how to
> configure it please tell me. The expo view of the windows is not
> necessary, but it certainly is useful, specially when drag and dropping
> stuff around. Oh and Alt-Tab is certainly useful, a must in any good DE
> ;)
> Ah, another request. I usually turn off my PC by using a power button
> on my keyboard (or the actual power button of the PC), but I'd like a
> confirmation dialog before I actually turn it off, I also do this to
> easily reboot or log out. So I'd like to change the behavior of the
> button to show me, instead, the dialog of the Exit option in the menu.
> Does any of you know how to do this?
> I'll keep on looking around.
> El jue 07 nov 2013 20:58:16 COT, Rivera Valdez escribió:
>> Hi, Hazan :)
>> I'd never tried to change that stuff, but in case you have
>> not enough answers from the UbuntuStudio community you
>> can also try the Xfce community as well. Things like "unfocused
>> scroll" (which I personally love ;) are probably Xfce-relative, etx.
>> Have you tried keeping Alt pressed after Tab for the "All open
>> windows view"?
>> Sorry for not being of much help,
>> regards!
>> On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 7:06 PM, Hazan Pérez <hapk02 at gmail.com
>> <mailto:hapk02 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>      Good day community,
>>      A bit of background: Used a couple of versions of UbuntuStudio in the
>>      past, I think it's a very good idea for a Distro. I work mostly with
>>      graphics, some video and a bit of desktop publishing, so having a
>>      distro
>>      with such tools available out of the box is great (can't say the same
>>      for all the audio stuff, most of that software I don't even know
>>      how to
>>      use).
>>      For this semester I decided to switch to Linux Mint, which is nice but
>>      it has a few problems, thanks to the Cinnamon DE, which has let me sad
>>      and frustrated. I'm thinking of switching to US again, but there are a
>>      few things about XFCE that I don't like.
>>      XFCE is really nice, fast, lean and light while being pretty, but
>>      I miss
>>      a bit of functionality from other DEs. I can't use another DE
>>      because of
>>      a default sound config (wrote about that some time ago but didn't
>>      received much help). Sound is rightly configured in default US with
>>      XFCE, but if I change the DE it goes all wrong.
>>      Now, for that extra functionality, here are the things I miss the most
>>      from other DEs:
>>      - Unfocused Scroll: This is if, for example, I have a window in the
>>      background and a smaller in front, if I scroll the background
>>      window it
>>      wont get focused (it wont go up in front). know a way to configure
>>      this?
>>      - All open windows view, like expo, without using Compiz. Compiz
>>      breaks
>>      the beauty of XFCE.
>>      - A window list that can also work as a dock, that is, a window
>>      list in
>>      a panel that can have "pinned" icons for applications, but when
>>      clicked
>>      on opens the application an keeps working as it's window selector (not
>>      appearing an extra icon).
>>      ... Plus a few more things. I know that all this is DE oriented,
>>      and not
>>      exactly for the core functionality of US and probably not on the right
>>      list, but I'd appreciate your help.
>>      Thanks in advance.
>>      --
>>      Hazan Pérez C.
>>      Twisto Creative
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