[ubuntu-studio-users] An Offert to the State

Set Hallstrom sakrecoer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 08:31:09 UTC 2013

Hi All,

In September i decided to find out the total amount of money that the
state of Sweden spends on Microsoft and apple licenses/products each year.

This took quite some time, but i got an estimate answer from the
department in charge: between 450-500 _million_ Swedish crowns _each
year_ (69'291'450.00 US Dollar). This sum is _only_ regarding Microsoft

I've also been told that there is a regular meeting where investors and
computer related whatnots are invited to present solutions and offers.
(I’m still expecting the exact date of this).

So i was wondering:

- Should we organize the presence of Ubuntustudio at that meeting? Or
should this be brought to the attention of Ubuntu as a whole (if not
already aware)?
- Would/Could this be a bad thing for Ubuntustudio?
- And if it's a good thing: who is in? :)
- Has there been any previous attempts that we could learn from?

Obviously, since this is in Sweden, it would be good if some swedes
responded, but hey! Europe is a union now isn't it? And Ubuntu is
worldwide, unlike some U.S. devi.. hrm.. devels ;)

Now, let me be straight: i'm aware GNU/Linux exists since way before i
stopped playing NES, that i don't know even half of what has been
attempted until today and also that i have no intention to become some
wannabe messiah or nextlevel Stallman (i'm just a happy post-n00b
computing in freedom). I know big money can be devastating for projects
like ubuntustudio, and i am ready to eat any negative criticism like a
good boy. My interest in this investigation is the betterment of my
community, which by definition cannot be achieved by a single person.

Yours optimystically,
Set Hallstrom
AKA Sakrecoer

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