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Sun May 26 03:43:37 UTC 2013

Thanks, Mike
All good suggestions, and I was actually already following some of them,
sort of. Been using Gimp for several months now, compared to about 20 years
with PSP, and am already convinced there isn't anything I did with PSP I
can't do with Gimp.
Actually the things you say would probably apply to any application, Open
Source or commercial.
I didn't start doing the brush stuff until I was satisfied that I could do
pretty much everything else I was used to doing with PSP, and I got there a
lot sooner than expected.
Part of that success was the result of people like you being willing to
answer the questions that arose along the way.
I am a firm believer in RTFM and the Linux world has improved greatly in
that regard in recent years.
I also believe that Open Source is now past a major "tipping point," and
development will now outpace most of the commercial closed source world.
We are already way past Open Source just mimicking functionality; Open
Source is now leading the way in many critical areas.
Giving back is harder for those of us who are not coders, but I have been
doing what I could for several years; urging schools to move to Open
Source; urging students to learn and use Open Source; etc.
My Saturday afternoon pursuing the elusive "free and wonderful" brushes was
not a waste of time for me; gave me a greater appreciation of my own stupid
brushes, for one thing, and an even greater appreciation of the value of
this group.
I hope it was not a waste of time for you, either.

On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 7:20 PM, Mike Holstein <mikeh789 at> wrote:

> On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 9:43 PM, Pete Wright <pnwright at> wrote:
>> Thanks, Andy et al!
>> Never thought to look for the actual download link over there; thought
>> those were just for advertised pdf readers and such.
>> I will calm down now.
>> Have a nice weekend, all.
>> Pete
> hey pete!..  will make a few suggestions for you which i hope will help...
> think about how long you used "paintshop pro" or whatever software you
> were using before "as-is".. try and use the GIMP "as-is" for a while, and
> get used to it... a few weeks or months even..
> try asking more specific support venues, such as a gimp irc channel
> or mailing list
> ..also, if you are having issues with
> something at a site such as devian art, ask them.. we dont have anything to
> do with the creation or support of 3rd party software at external sites,
> unless one of the list volunteers says they are a part of the 3rd party..
> cheers and good luck.. and keep in mind, the GIMP is free.. free of cost,
> and free as in open.. *anyone* can create a brush or an add-on or an extra
> package, or give a suggestion about what cool things it can do. that doesnt
> mean its true, or that the add-on works, or is actually available.. nor is
> anyone guaranteeing anything in the way of its availability or stability...
> stick with stock as much as you can in the beginning
>> On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 6:28 PM, VE4PER/ Andy <ve4per at> wrote:
>>>  I managed to get a couple of brush sets from those links. I found the
>>> link that worked was on right hand side about 1/3 way down the page simply
>>> click the word "Download"
>>> worked for Gimp 2.6 as well just extract the files and copy to the
>>> hidden gimp brushes folder in ur linux home folder.
>>> Haven't tried photshop elements yet to see if they work there.
>>> On 26/05/13 02:22, Pete Wright wrote:
>>>    Please note that in all the previous mewling and whining I have
>>> confused using torrent and just clicking download links.
>>>  Neither is working for me.
>>>  I keep hearing about all this great stuff that is available for Gimp,
>>> but I can't download so much as a logo.
>>>  Good thing I know how to make my own brushes -- I can just sit
>>> cross-legged here in the corner and make my own while the rest of you play
>>> nicely together.
>>>  Sheesh!
>>>  Pete
>>> On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 6:18 PM, Pete Wright <pnwright at> wrote:
>>>>     Nothing seems to actually be downloading.
>>>>  Well, one of my attempts got me something with a .gbr extension, but
>>>> putting it in my gimp2.8 brush folder doesn't seem to have made any
>>>> difference.
>>>>  I click on the links at deviantart and nothing seems to happen.
>>>>  I suppose there is some way to search for brushes on torrents so I can
>>>> use transmission, but I don't know how to do that, either.
>>>>  The instructions at Lifehacker say "just search."
>>>>  How do you search in transmission? I just know how to start it from a
>>>> seed; a seed I download in the usual manner.
>>>>  I disabled noscript in Firefox and when that didn't help I installed
>>>> and tried Chromium. No Joy.
>>>>  Am I cursed?
>>>>  Pete
>>>> On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 6:07 PM, Matt Wheeler <m at> wrote:
>>>>> On 25 May 2013 23:33, Pete Wright <pnwright at> wrote:
>>>>> > Almost through the process of getting weaned from PaintShopPro after
>>>>> many
>>>>> > happy years with it.
>>>>> > Now I can do pretty much everything in Gimp I could do with PSP.
>>>>> > I can make my own brushes and use them.
>>>>> > But so far I can't get any of the zillions of free brushes from
>>>>> sites like
>>>>> > Noupe.
>>>>> > How do I get a set of brushes using Transmission?
>>>>>  Transmission is a program specifically for using bittorrent. If you
>>>>> have downloaded a file that is not a .torrent file you don't need to
>>>>> use Transmission, you already have the file you want.
>>>>> > Madly right and left clicking the various links (my usual last
>>>>> resort when I
>>>>> > don't know what I am doing) yields no joy.
>>>>> > I use Transmission for getting iso files, etc. so I know it works.
>>>>> > NoScript is often the fly in the ointment, but even with
>>>>> "temporarily all
>>>>> > this page" I am getting nothing.
>>>>> > What obvious thing that everybody else knows by osmosis or instinct
>>>>> (yes, I
>>>>> > am feeling sorry for myself!) am I missing?
>>>>>  Perhaps the file you have downloaded is an archive of some sort (zip,
>>>>> rar, gz etc.) that you need to uncompress. I'm not sure exactly which
>>>>> tool you would use to do that in xfce (the desktop environment that
>>>>> ubuntustudio uses), but you might be able to just right click on it
>>>>> (in your downloads folder) and click "extract here" or something
>>>>> similar.
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