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Pete Wright pnwright at
Wed May 1 11:39:21 UTC 2013

Thanks, Set
Now I can do all with Thunar I did with Nautilus, maybe easier. (My world
is now a happier place.)
And no, Nautilus did not actually lose data. It would just break in the
middle of a long task, and then I would have to pay attention to which
files it failed to copy. There would usually be one where the name showed,
but no content. No corrupted files, as far as I can tell.
I haven't yet tried Thunar on a similar large task (like copying a 30 gig
folder of my manipulated photographs). It may still prove to be my wheezy
hardware and not Nautilus that caused the trouble.
But now that you have shown me where the controls are, Thunar works just
fine for me.

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 4:00 AM, Set Hallstrom <sakrecoer at> wrote:

>  Hi Pete!
> yayks!? nautilus messed up data?!? i hope my backup is ok.... or did i get
> all that backwards?
> To put a bookmark, i just dragged the original to the side-pane.
> I find it delicious because it does all i want and has remedied everything
> that made it obsolete for my use. (funny because i'm trying to remember
> what....... hmmm..? some subtleties... ) And also i like that there is only
> one file-manager now...
> This expressed opinion of mine is of course very subjective. I was mainly
> keen about showing mad love to the amazing people behind ubuntustudio. :)
> I'm not trying to say thunar the best option in the world. if  it was, it
> would have a "make the world a happier place" button :D (good thing i'm not
> a human)
> You can drag/drop files from one tab to another, but if you need to
> compare 2 folders i guess a second window is the deal. Have you thought
> about dropping a suggestion to the thunar guys?
> Have a delicious awake time all!
> Warm regards from cold sweden,
> Set
> On 2013-05-01 01:09, Pete Wright wrote:
>     Hi, Set and Eduardo
>  I find I miss being able to set bookmarks in Thunar the way I did in
> Nautilus.
>  Is there a way?
>  Set says he finds Thunar has "become deliciously good."
>  I haven't pushed Thunar very hard yet (no huge directories moved between
> machines or onto external drives) but  I assume from comments like Set's
> that Thunar will not break like Nautilus. Nautilus never lost any data, but
> only because I paid attention to pick up all the pieces when it broke,
> which it did plenty often. I thought it was my hardware until I saw that
> Nautilus got "fired."
>  So is that why Thunar now? Fewer pretties like dual or multiple panel and
> bookmarks, but it actually does what it is supposed to?
>  Just curious. Good thing I am not a cat.
>  Grins
>  Pete
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