How to deal with the generic kernel?

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El 15/06/2013 20:26, "Alf Haakon Lund" <alf at> escribió:
> On 02. juni 2013 16:17, Alf Haakon Lund wrote:
>> I'm running Ubuntu Studio 12.10, 32-bit, on a Toshiba Sattelite p850.
>> Recently jack stopped working. As this happened right after an update, I
>> was able to guess that the latest kernel caused the issue. At next boot
>> I chose advanced features in the GRUB menu and so I noticed that
>> 3.5.0-33-generic was my default kernel. I chose 3.5.0-31-lowlatency
>> instead and JACK went back to work.
>> I asked a question about this on the LAU mailing list and got an answer
>> that made it clear Ubuntu Studio doesn't use the generic kernel by
>> default. This prompted me to check out 13.04 through VirtualBox.
>> Right: After the fresh install Synaptic says no generic kernels are
>> installed, but on it's first run Software Updater includes them anyway
>> in the security update section.
>> So I have three main questions:
>> - What could I have done to suddenly start using the generic instead of
>> the lowlatency kernel?
>> - Why is Software Updater including them anyway?
>> - What can I do to get permanently rid of this nuisance? I want to run
>> the lowlatency kernels and be done with it.
>> Amongst the bunch of other questions that arose I'd like to mention just
>> a few:
>> I uninstalled the generic kernel, but after rebooting and chosing GRUB's
>> default the info in system monitor still says 3.5.0-33-generic. I am
>> pretty sure I uninstalled while in 3.5.0-31-lowlatency so I should've
>> avoided the dilemma command "system: uninstall yourself!" How do I make
>> sure which kernel I'm actually running? And doesn't GRUB notice when
>> kernels are removed?
>> OK, I'm thankful for any and all input and will happily file bug reports
>> in the proper places once someone properly helps point me to them ;-)
>> Al F
> Hello again,
> I need a small follow-up help on this subject:
> I threw out all generics from my system (at least I think I did), and
most of the old lowlatencys as well, so that I'm now left with
3.5.0-31-lowlatency and 3.5.0-33-lowlatency. That's what the advanced part
of GRUB tells me, anyway.
> Now the latest update wants to install "Header files related to Linux
kernel version 3.5.0", new install, 12.1 MB.
> To me this doesn't look like lowlatency, so I'm inclined to not install
it, but how can I know for sure?

"apt-get upgrade" will tell you, and the packages will be kept back. (To
install kernel packages from the terminal you would need "apt-get
dist-upgrade"). To be on the safe side,  you can "--just-print"

sudo apt-get upgrade --just-print
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