Need a util to delete duplicate files.

Gustin Johnson gustin at
Sun Jun 9 18:43:18 UTC 2013

fdupes is a simple program that does what you have asked.   The package
name is fdupes so you can easily install it via apt-get/aptitude etc.

On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 11:31 PM, Alex Armani <alex.armani at>wrote:

> Need a util to delete duplicate files.
> Hi folks, I'm looking for a tool to manage my music folider, specifically,
> my windows music folder.
> What I do, is mount my windows partition, and use c:/users/alex/my music
> as my music folder in Linux,
> rather than have 1o gigs of mp3s duplicated on my Linux partition if that
> makes sense? The problem, is
> that I have copied other peoples complete music folders using a memory
> stick, and have ended up with
> many mp3's duplicated, and many empty folders which have the name of
> albums but containg no mp3s.
> What I'd like, is a one click solution, that will sort it all out. Does
> anybody know of such a util?
> Either Linux, or Windows software is fine.
> Tia, from Alex.
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>  Alex Armani - Digital Musician
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