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Sun Jun 9 09:27:22 UTC 2013

i have a lenovo w530 running regular 12.04 64bit and at the time i
installed it (a couple of weeks ago) the NVIDIA K1000M card was
automatically detected and by selecting the experimental drivers (i believe
that i could choose between 3 versions) i was able to use it right away :-)
however, it does NOT always go so smooth ...

the kernel i'm currently running is the 3.5.0-32-generic, but i very much
doubt if the RT kernel that is supplied with studio would support it OOTB
you can check the NVIDIA site to see what cards are supported, but then
again i had little luck with installing the nvidia drivers that you can
download from the nvidia site

i'm nut using the nouveau driver since that does not allow me to use
multiple screens, but if you need only 1 monitor it might just work for you.
also i dont think that using the nvidia drivers will make a lot of
difference if you if you only use your laptop for image editing, it will
have an impact if you want to use it for 3d stuff or gaming

i found a lot of useful info for my lenovo on

good luck

2013/6/9 Sudhangathan B S <sudhangathan at>

> Heyy Studios,
> I am planning to buy a Laptop and have already decided to put Ubuntu
> Studio as it is my favorite Distribution since the last 4 to 5 years. I am
> planning to a laptop with extra Graphics card. I have found that (from a
> short survey) AMD/ATI, NVIDIA have lot of driver problems and they just
> won't work, and I have experienced it myself while using other laptops.
> I often video/photo edit after my adventures.
> If anybody is successfully using a graphics card with Studio, i.e. with a
> fully working driver and smooth graphics, please let me know the model of
> the graphics card and the laptop(or even desktop) configurations.
> Best,
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> Sudhangathan BS
> Ph:(+91) 9731-905-205
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