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Adam it depends on what you need to do in Jack.
I use it for many different scenarios such as mixing a composition from
LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) to vocals in Audacity. Or you may want to
record something from YouTube and mix with audio in Audacity.
With Jack you can do this.
There are many other uses for it and you will enjoy using it as you gain
confidence and knowledge in how it works.

I use it all the time and you are welcome to share my desktop and see how I
have it set up.

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 5:35 AM, adam <ahcnz at> wrote:

> Newly installed 12.04 Studio. And Xfce seems nice.
> I am interested in Audio, primarily.
> So, with the U Forums down, where should I start?
> There are many apps from the Audio Production menu,
> but I guess mastering patching jack is step 1 ?
> Do I still need pasuspend?
> Is there a Studio Tutorial on setting up jack ?
> Perhaps the jack site for Command line Alt-F2,
> or perhaps the Qjackctl site ?
> A Tutorial on how to get, say, Qtractor driving any
> of the Synths, via jack I guess, would be helpful.
> Or simply a flow-chart, suggesting in which order
> to start the applications up in, would be a start.
> It would be nice to then Save that as a Project.
> Any Tutorials or suggestions on getting started with
> Studio Audio, much appreciated.
> --
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