new to Ubuntu Studio

Steven Grace sgrace at
Tue Jan 29 01:02:33 UTC 2013

On 01/28/2013 12:53 PM, jack wallen wrote:
>>> I'm migrating from Ubuntu 12.10 because of a horrible issue with
>>> pulseaudio I hope will not rear it's ugly head in Ubuntu Studio. The
>>> issue
>>> is the dreaded "skipping" problem.
>> Haven't heard of it. What does it do?
> On certain audio chipsets (mine is an Intel) sound will randomly skip.
> this can even happen when recording -- which is causing me all sorts of
> headaches at the moment.

I had issues with audio dropouts and perhaps "skips" when I was using 
the default NVidia video driver. My issues went away when I installed 
the proprietary driver.

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