CDRecord or Wodim or cdrkit?

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Tue Jan 22 08:22:08 UTC 2013

Nota Benne:
The other thread was about DVD images, not CD-r like in your case.


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Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 09:15:43 +0100
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There was a similar thread about this issue brilliantly explained by
Anthony Hall. I allow myself to send you a copy of this message,
hoping it will help you too!

Have a good day all!


On 01/21/2013 05:30 PM, Anthony Hall wrote:> Hi.
> There is a very easy solution. Provided you live in a country where
> there are no patents on codecs go to: 
> Read the disclaimer and if it applies, follow the instructions.
> Everything will be working just fine.
> A

On 01/21/2013 11:35 PM, Alf Haakon Lund wrote:
> I'm on Ubuntu Studio 12.10. Recently I had troubles creating a 
> playable copy (iso file) of a dvd. VLC is seemingly running the 
> first menu but not actually showing anything. Totem / Movie Player 
> just stops on opening the iso (made with Brasero, and I've copied 
> many dvd's to my harddrive without any problems). XBMC manages to 
> play it, but refuses to have subtitles working. I guess the dvd is 
> broken, but there's a success message coming from brasero after 
> copying...
> From putting cdrecord -version in a terminal it seems that the 
> cdrecord version on my system is the forked one, either wodim or 
> cdrkit. I'm not sure how to check which. I'd like to try the newer 
> version as mentioned on 
> to see if it 
> fixes my problems, but it looks somewhat complicated.
> So before starting to meddle with my settings I'm curious to hear 
> if anyone's got any experience getting this working. Since there
> is a PPA it looks like a smooth ride, but I saw in ubuntuforums
> that some people had trouble making their burning software actually
> use it (still linking to wodim / cdrkit).
> Thankful for any and all input!
> Alf

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