CDRecord or Wodim or cdrkit?

Alf Haakon Lund alf at
Mon Jan 21 22:35:23 UTC 2013

I'm on Ubuntu Studio 12.10. Recently I had troubles creating a playable 
copy (iso file) of a dvd. VLC is seemingly running the first menu but 
not actually showing anything. Totem / Movie Player just stops on 
opening the iso (made with Brasero, and I've copied many dvd's to my 
harddrive without any problems). XBMC manages to play it, but refuses to 
have subtitles working. I guess the dvd is broken, but there's a success 
message coming from brasero after copying...

 From putting cdrecord -version in a terminal it seems that the cdrecord 
version on my system is the forked one, either wodim or cdrkit. I'm not 
sure how to check which. I'd like to try the newer version as mentioned 
on to see if it fixes 
my problems, but it looks somewhat complicated.

So before starting to meddle with my settings I'm curious to hear if 
anyone's got any experience getting this working. Since there is a PPA 
it looks like a smooth ride, but I saw in ubuntuforums that some people 
had trouble making their burning software actually use it (still linking 
to wodim / cdrkit).

Thankful for any and all input!


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