How do I get Ubuntu Studio to play dvds.

David King linuxman at
Sun Jan 20 22:00:08 UTC 2013

On 20/01/13 21:11, Mike Holstein wrote:
> Test a known good dvd.. now you are troubleshooting a burner, the 
> media, software to make and play dvd's that you may not be accustomed 
> to... my dvd's play.
> >

I had originally created the DVD ISO with Devede, but as that would not 
play, I tried DVD Styler -- which produced a better DVD.

I have just tried a different video DVD ISO and that also would not work 
in VLC or Xine. Then I tried it in Movie Player and it worked, and the 
DVD I just created also worked in Movie Player, but still not in Xine 
which keeps saying it cannot play DVDs.

As for the comment on mounting the ISO, that was the first thing I 
tried, and trying to get VLC to open it as a mounted DVD, which failed.

So at least it can work, with Movie Player, but not with other software 
that I thought could play DVDs, whereas I never thought of Movie Player 
as a DVD playing program.

I have not yet burned the ISO to an actual disc, just wanted to be sure 
it all worked okay first, from the ISO, before using a disc. At least 
now I know it works can be burned.

David K
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