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Mike Holstein mikeh789 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 21:15:55 UTC 2013

On Jan 20, 2013 1:29 PM, "Joseph Ronne" <jfronne at gmail.com> wrote:
> Had been enjoying Ubuntu Studio 12.04 amd64 for a few months now and when
an update notification came along I would simply run it, never with any
problem. Yesterday a new one was indicated (mostly lowlatency and java
modules) so i pushed the install button. Hours later it was still running..
A look at the system showed period of 100% and 10% use of the processors
switching between one and the other periodically. A look at the two drives
on the system indicated they were both and the auxilery (55gb) gad been
unmounted. At that point (six hours in) I manually rebooted. The system
came to a halt beginning with a 'Broken pipe' message followed by a few
test messages ending in ok after which a hang. In terminal very little
could be done.. both drives showed up chock full... It appears the pipe
broke during the lowlatency install, or towards its end. It appears the
pipe in question involves writing, perhaps redundantly to a drive (these
are sata)...
> Wondering if any one else has experienced this.?.
> Created a Live USB of 12.10 amd64 (wanted to look at it anyway) and
booted with it. Disk info showed redundent copies of both drives both 100%
full. Removed the boot drive and then installed/updated 12.10 to the
auxiliary drive. All is well. Removed the Aux, hooked up the old boot drive
and ran Live from the USB. Recovered some files and then told it to install
12.10 keeping what it could of 12.04. The install has been running for a
few hours now.. Questions
> Is it possible to end the hung system from the terminal ?
> I will wait another hour to see if an answer comes..
> barring that i will manually halt and do a 'wipe' install from the USB..
> Thanks for any suggestions you may have

I think you'd need to poke around a bit more to see what the issue is/was.
It can be challenging chasing those things down. For me, I just don't
upgrade my production machine often. I usually have a copy running in
virtualbox, and either on another test machine or hard drive. I test *all*
upgrades of the kernel, or alsa, or ffado... mission critical components
that I can't risk breaking. I usually don't even have my production machine

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