Update problem..

Joseph Ronne jfronne at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 20:41:33 UTC 2013

That appears to have resolved the issue.. will be useing 12.10 for nor..
will keep auxilery drive as a backup tho...

On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 12:29 PM, Joseph Ronne <jfronne at gmail.com> wrote:

> Had been enjoying Ubuntu Studio 12.04 amd64 for a few months now and when
> an update notification came along I would simply run it, never with any
> problem. Yesterday a new one was indicated (mostly lowlatency and java
> modules) so i pushed the install button. Hours later it was still running..
> A look at the system showed period of 100% and 10% use of the processors
> switching between one and the other periodically. A look at the two drives
> on the system indicated they were both and the auxilery (55gb) gad been
> unmounted. At that point (six hours in) I manually rebooted. The system
> came to a halt beginning with a 'Broken pipe' message followed by a few
> test messages ending in ok after which a hang. In terminal very little
> could be done.. both drives showed up chock full... It appears the pipe
> broke during the lowlatency install, or towards its end. It appears the
> pipe in question involves writing, perhaps redundantly to a drive (these
> are sata)...
> Wondering if any one else has experienced this.?.
> Created a Live USB of 12.10 amd64 (wanted to look at it anyway) and booted
> with it. Disk info showed redundent copies of both drives both 100% full.
> Removed the boot drive and then installed/updated 12.10 to the auxiliary
> drive. All is well. Removed the Aux, hooked up the old boot drive and ran
> Live from the USB. Recovered some files and then told it to install 12.10
> keeping what it could of 12.04. The install has been running for a few
> hours now.. Questions
> Is it possible to end the hung system from the terminal ?
> I will wait another hour to see if an answer comes..
> barring that i will manually halt and do a 'wipe' install from the USB..
> Thanks for any suggestions you may have
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