[ubuntu-studio-users] Problem with Ubuntu Studio install (dual boot, CPU has UEFI, Windows 8.1)

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Sun Dec 22 18:43:36 UTC 2013

Below is a post I put in the Ubuntu Studio forum, it basically outlines 
my problem... & raises question... (hope it's ok to repost here)

A (perhaps) more simple question, that may help, is when installing 
Ubuntu Studio 13.10, AMD64:

Can one aim specifically, from the installer, where Grub 2 is installed 
(i.e., NOT on my UEFI... HOPEFULLY at the MBR of the disk I will be 
installing it on; i.r., an external usb 3.0 hd)?

Thanks for any feedback.



    Problem with Ubuntu Studio install (dual boot, CPU has UEFI, Windows


    AMD64, HP Pavillion-500-046 desktop, does dual boot with Windows 8.1
    (2TB internal hd), which has a UEFI booting scheme, & (presently)
    Linux Mint 16, Mate-Petra on a 90 GB portion of a 2 TB external usb
    3 LaCie hd.

    *What I tried to do*:

    As my internal hd was partitioned in approximately two equal
    partitions... the/second one was formatted to ext4 & had an install
    of Mint 16, that at first functioned, *until I messed up the
    '/etc/fstab' trying to get my external usb hd to mount..*./ (& I
    accessed it by having the rEFInd Boot Manager CD in my HP UEFI
    CD/DVD disk drive: http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/getting.html ).

    I tried out the Ubuntu Studio live DVD... look very suitable to
    (some of) my actual needs, so I tried to install Ubuntu Studio on
    the internal Linux, ext4 partition (I couldn't get it to install on
    a little portable usb 3 Toshiba 500 GB hd, the installer kept
    complaining about my mount point being external to... (?), which was
    "/" on the device /dev/sdc in this case).

    Ok, so the installer choices I thought I was making, was something
    like on the previously afore mentioned Mint-Petra in the internal hd
    (keeping in mind, my Windows 8.1 was the first set of partitions):
    erasing Petra, installing Ubuntu Studio; /the installer did *NOT*
    say anything about removing Windows (!!)... but not only did the
    install wipe out Windows... cleared the whole disk... UEFI then, not
    available... got the "grub>" (or is it ">grub" (whatever, dang thing
    wouldn't mount/boot anything ] ./

    I managed to recover Windows 8 (& upgrade again to 8.1) & restored
    some of my Windows personal data... & now my internal hd is back to
    all NTFS.

    Of course, this leaves me MORE than a little apprehensive about what
    this installer will do, if I try another route, which I think I am
    (hoping) to be more prepared, physically in terms of space, to try
    another install;*NOW on my EXTERNAL usb...* (with the other/s for
    additional storage... that is, has been, all too often for me, an
    "ownership" issue... /In other words, need to have it mount, & be
    read & write-able.. a serious.s problem I have been having: which
    raises a SERIOUS question (for me, least wise): Why the heck are
    Linux formatted disks so much more difficult to mount & utilize
    (from Linux) than WINDOWS (i.e., NTFS formatted)?????/

    Any help advice in these regards /will/ be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    P.s., I tried booting the Ubuntu Studio live DVD with 'secure boot'
    enabled... i.e., through UEFI... it would get as far as the opening
    menu, but try Ubuntu Studio live, the CPU would hang at a blank
    window... didn't try to install... so I can not report about that...
    but my install that I try to discuss above, was with 'secure boot'
    disabled, & 'legacy' enabled (as well as 'fast boot' disabled').

    P.p.s., I installed grub 2 on my current Linux Mint OS... on the usb
    hd Mint resides on, & it works, to access Mint (at least, I have not
    tried to boot Windows from grub, but grub apparently recognizes it). 

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