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Alex Armani alex.armani at rocketmail.com
Thu Dec 5 21:02:44 UTC 2013

>>I RSVP to the domain name! Does it mark the birth of Armanistic Private

>Messages? ;) 

YES! I chose it as it is easy to remember. Surely the point of an email address? AR for my initials, Alexander Richard, Man as in Wom An, I for Imogen. Prime Minister! Or, In English I am a man called Alexander Richard. ARMANI! ;) 8) %) Also, I am going in for the next elections for our government. Monster Raviing Loony Party, for a laugh, and part of the plan is, that all the idiots will vote for me as my surname is ARMANI! Always in caps btw!

!'ve done everything already, and it's all ready for distribution / publication. Scrap Tax is the big one, and to vote, you have to go on a short 8 week course, and pass, to prove, that you actually understand everything that you are voting for. Yeah, the punchline, is: ''I don't think the government have done a very good job over the last 8 years, so, I'd like to claim all my tax Bach, and run the country myself.'' It's like, you pay the {wo}man that does the job, not the council who then refuse to take your blue bins / recycleables because somebody has dumped a plastic carrier bag in it! And then it's two weeks before your bins are emptied because they do green bins the alternate week. Like in the summer I forgot to put them out, and it stank after 4 weeks! How ridiculous is that? Wouldn't you prefer it, if every Monday somebody comes round, at a reasonable hour, ie not at o6:oo when most, ''normal'' people are fast asleep, and they come into your
 garden, take both your bins, take everything, and then, just for good measure, steam clean your wheelie bins? And then, at a convenient time, pre arranged, {s}he comes round, and you give them a couple f UK pounds / dollars / Eurs etc etc etc etc it goes on and on and n..,.

> As for the rest of the message, i think i am missing some key pieces to

> get it, except for that rough translation of the word "Ubuntu". None of
> the less, for some reason i felt compelled to answer in a happy tone.

> Peace!

And also with you. Always. ThatIs how we reply when asked anything! Peace be with you, and also with you...
tia from Alex.

 Alex at Armani.PM, IT Consultant / Digital Musician. 
+44 7 972 641 526 - Www.Armani.PM 
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