[ubuntu-studio-users] *buntu 13.1o Absolutely brilliant guys; keep up the good work.

Alex Armani alex.armani at rocketmail.com
Thu Dec 5 19:59:22 UTC 2013

> IOW regarding to XP if you dislike it, remove it from your hard drives.
> Btw. I don't know what "US A" is/are and I don't want to know what the
> acronym is for.

It's not an anagram!  ''I have seen the enemy, and it is us!'' 

We're the enemy, mostly because our computers are faster and different, and they don't understand why this is so. Fud. Ignorance basically...

Fwiw, I don't care about XP Pro; these days, it is mostly irrelevant for most peoples needs, but at the time, it was the best option for 32 bit cpus. I had Mandrake 9.o or something {The 3 disk version} Disk 1 worked fine, booted up ran everything worked, it connected to net fine etc, but it just wouldn't install, even after a low level format, and a request to use the whole hard drive, so I junked it., never to return to Linux until Fedora Core 1o, after somebody skanked my original XP Pro disk, but alas, no matter what I tried, I could get it to play mp3s or dvds. Don't geet me wrong, I loved Fedora Core 1o. It was soooooo pretty, but I couldn't get it doing some things I really needed, and I couldn't find any local Linux bods to come round, and sort my tower out for me. Don't get me wrong, I tried! Btw, the 64 bit version of Windows XP is absolute rubbish also for playing older games; nothing works, especially if you like to play older games. It's to
 do with the drivers allegedly...

I need Windows XP to run one piece of software I have though, and I need a cd drive too, as it uses the original cd as the key / dongle thing...... It's wicked; it emulates 2 Roland 9o9's {drum machines}, and two Roland 3o3's {a systhesiser originally designed to try and emulate a bass guitar}. This was the first music sftwware I ever had any success with so it's an old memories thing..... Plus you can download it for free to burn to a cd but you have to use those bit torrent type things, because I refuse to pirate software or music....

I need Windows 7 to run, amongst other things, Virtual DJ & Ableton Live, when out performing live. I know i could Virtualise Windows 7, but it would be slower, ie that's  why I use a low latency kernel for instant sound response, or the generic kernel for generic use. Cheers guys for giving us both options at boot! Well done; Good work.
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