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Alex Armani alex.armani at rocketmail.com
Thu Dec 5 17:41:58 UTC 2013

Congratulations Pete from The Far Thulies of the Olympic Peninsula, you're today's winner! You win an Operating System of your choice, full install and support 24/7 for 12 months. I suggest 64 bit Ubuntu Studio 13.1o, on my blue 16 gig stick, or Lubuntu 13:1o on my red 2nd 16 gig stick. I have the 32 bit version installed for speed, and for supporting customers machines that only have 32 bit cpus. Obviously 32 bit code will run faster if you have a 64 bit {or more these days? Must check up} processor, naturally with 1oo% compatibility, but you lose the newer features that the 64 bit processors now have. This is my main choice of OS I have used and the order I choose to run them. Basically all the OS I have used / support. Note the omissions! I call my network ZULUBUNTU 4:2o AD/BC am:pm ! 

Alex. Acer Aspire 5551 - Alex's Laptop. 
64 bit Ubuntu Studio 13.1o, with boot options to select normal or the zero-latency kernel. 
64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium. LANK! 
32 bit Lubuntu 13.1o - The Saucy Salamander. 

Amy's Chrome Book. 
64 bit ChromeOS 

Alex's iTop {ie a Mac Laptop} 
64 bit MachOS X.4 

Alex's spare 32 bit laptop. 
32 bit Ubuntu Studio 9.1o - The Mardi Mongoose. 
32 bit Fedora Core 1o - Cambridge. Hey, I just found that nickname out! I was born in Cambridge! My Mum was at Uni. there. 
32 bit Windows XP PRO - RUBBISH! ;) 8) %) 

Alex's tower 
64 bit Ubuntu Studio 13.1o, with boot options to select normal or the zero-latency kernel. 
32 bit Windows XP PRO - RUBBISH! ;) 8) %) 
Alex's phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active [1oo dustproof & can record under water; whatever will they think of next?] 
Android 5.o - Kit-Kat. 

Amy's phone. Samsung Galaxy S3 9505 Titaniium. 
Android 4.2o - Jelly Bean. 

Happy LXmas to all, from Alex & Amy.xx 

RSVP please, even if just to say ''Yay'' or ''Nae''? Why aye man! ;) 8) %) 
Alex at Armani.PM, IT Consultant / Digital Musician. 
+44 7 972 641 526 - Www.Armani.PM 

''I am what I am because we are what we are.'' 

Or in English, simply, The Ubuntu Philosophy. 
I have seen the enemy and it is US A.
Acer Aspire 5551: AMD Athlon P320 (2.1 GHz), 3GB RAM, ATI HD 425o Graphics. 
64bit Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit Ubuntu Studio 13.1o, 32bit Lubuntu 13.o4 

''I am what I am, because we are what we are.''
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