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If I understand correctly, KXStudio is not a distro. You need to install a distro (Ubuntu Studio is a good option, but others might work, I don't know), and then activate the additional repositories in synaptic manager and from there, install the items that you want.

You might start with Ubuntu Studio 12.04 (it has long-term support and lots of updates). Then from there, see what else you need.
Personally, I like how KXStudio interfaces with Ubuntu Studio. Two very good projects, imo..


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> Hello Thomas,
> I use KXStudio on top of UbuntuStudio, but the 12.04 version.

I think there is some misunderstanding: I don't have the issues with
10.04 but with 12.04. But thanks for the pointer to KXStudio forum ...
I got confused with all that flavouring of ubuntu. I see that I perhaps
should not blame UbuntuStudio when I have a partial mix with KXStudio
(I just treated it as PPA to get current Ardour ... every 'buntu
install I do seems to need an assortment of PPAs to make it work ...
the hell of conflicting rpm repos for RHEL gives an acknowledging wink).

So, It seems I'm half-way between two flavours of 'buntu here? You
install ubuntu ... turn it into ubuntu studio ... then into
KXStudio ... 

I guess I have to test 2, er, 3 setups before continuing to bugger either project

1. roll-back of KXStudio stuff to vanilla UbuntuStudio,
2. do a full install of kxstudio-desktop-xfce, kxstudio-meta-audio ...
	and finally, KXStudio-kernel-realtime
3. or do a short-track and just install the KXStudio kernel, which
	might be better tested with the kxstudio JACK.

I have prepared a USB drive with AVLinux 6 for comparison ... let's see
if _some_ setup works. And then, I can figure out what 'buntu or not I
need to get a working recording box.

Alrighty then,


PS: Won't UbuntuStudio 12.04 integrate future 2.8.x Ardour releases?
It's all about bugfixes. And Ardour has lots of those. It just doesn't
feel right to work with 2.8.12 when there is 2.8.14 . Even if the new
version introduces new ones, it is one step closer to the illusive
2.8.FINAL that finally does not crash during mixing. It's a fine
tool ... it just should never crash. We should not let web browsers set
the standard for application stability:-/
But well, I guess the solution is to go KXStudio right away, which
seems to provide current versions of things.

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