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Thanks for the annoucement and thank all the people who have made this
release a success!

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)

2012/10/23 Ho Wan Chan <smartboyhw at gmail.com>

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> Date: 2012/10/23
> Subject: Ubuntu Studio 12.10 Released
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> The Ubuntu Studio development team is proud to announce the release of
> Ubuntu Studio 12.10.
> From the release notes of Ubuntu Studio 12.10 Quantal Quetzal:
> New Features in Ubuntu Studio 12.10
> Ubuntu Studio is the Ubuntu flavour designed for content creation.
> It’s produced as a DVD image that can also be converted to an USB
> stick and includes support for most languages by default.
> Improved Interface:
>  * A new web page is out. The help button on the main menu points there.
>  * Task Manager has been switched to System Monitor for better memory
> use display.
>  * A main menu tool has been added to setting to allow the user to
> change their menu.
>  * Add/fix text plymouth theme for those video cards that won’t see
> graphics so it says Ubuntu studio.
>  * Set up Software Center menu items for our workflows.
>  * Fixed submenu icons for accessories, education and network.
> New Software:
>  * Xfce updated to version 4.10 (based off of Xubuntu)
>  * Kernel (lowlatency) is now of version 3.5
> Ubuntu Studio Applications:
>  * The menu has been fixed moving audio production tools out of Media
> Playback.
>  *  A MIDI router and MIDI tools menu have been added.
>  * Add qmidiroute to audio workflow to cover missing functionality
>  * Added open-clip-art package to graphics seed
>  * Move mixer applications from media playback menu to audio menu.
>  * Nautilus is default file manager for everything now
> Installation:
> Preparing your computer for Ubuntu Studio is now simpler, with a wider
> range of disk setup options. Each of these are detailed at length to
> provide you with a clear understanding of the actions that will take
> place with your selection.
> You can reinstall or upgrade an existing copy of Ubuntu Studio with
> the Ubuntu Studio DVD installer, provided that your computer is
> connected to the Internet.
> Download Ubuntu Studio 12.10 images from:
> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/12.10/release/
> System Requirements:
> The minimum memory requirement for Ubuntu Studio 12.10 is 768 MB of
> memory. It is highly recommended that you have 2GB or more memory
> though so that the system will perform much better. More information
> about other recommended hardware on the new Ubuntu Studio website when
> it is released.
> Upgrading:
> To upgrade from Ubuntu Studio 12.04, press Alt+F2 and type in
> "upgrade-manager"(without the quotes) into the command box. Update
> Manager should open up and display following message: "New
> distribution release ’12.10′ is available. Click Upgrade and follow
> the on-screen instructions".
> Since the upgrade does not include the new “photography” and
> “publishing” metas, so if you want the photography and publishing
> packages in your upgrade, please install them manually after upgrade
> by typing "sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-meta-photography
> ubuntustudio-meta-publishing" in your terminal.
> Drivers:
> Proprietary drivers are now installed using software-properties-gtk
> (Software Sources), under the tab “Additional Drivers”.
> We have received reports that booting the Ubuntu installer in UEFI
> mode from a USB disk on certain Samsung laptops (530U3C, NP700Z5C) may
> trigger a firmware bug that renders the machine unbootable. While this
> bug has not been confirmed to affect Ubuntu 12.10, users are advised
> to use caution when installing on Samsung laptops and ensure that they
> are configured for legacy BIOS mode, not UEFI mode. (1040557)
> Kernel:
> Haswell processor graphics is not fully supported. (1066975)
> On some systems, when opening lid, there is a kerneloops with a
> suspend/resume failure message seen. (1054732)
> On certain ASUS machines with AMD graphic chips, a WMI event and ACPI
> interrupt are sent at the same time when hitting the hotkey to change
> display mode, resulting in the display mode being changed twice in
> succession. Users can work around this using the Displays panel in
> System Settings for changing display modes. (1052278)
> On ASUS N53SN laptops, the kernel does not boot without noefi on
> commandline. (1053897)
> Networking:
> In order to improve compatibility with other local nameserver
> packages, NetworkManager now assigns IP address to the local
> nameserver process that it controls instead of If the
> system’s /etc/resolv.conf is absent or is a static file instead of the
> symbolic link to ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf installed by default
> then this static file will have to be updated by the administrator in
> order to continue using the NetworkManager-controlled nameserver.
> Video Drivers:
> Several video drivers are not functioning with some legacy chip-sets.
> xserver-xorg-video-trident with some Trident Cyberblade chip-sets.
> Black screen and lock-up. Bugs
> xserver-xorg-video-intel with i810 chip-sets. Segfault. 1060492
> xserver-xorg-video-sis with 315 series (SiS 315/E/PRO, 550, [M]650,
> 651, 740, [M]661[FMG]X,[M]741[GX]) chip-sets. Black screen or loops
> around login screen. 1034812
> Workarounds:
> Test with a Live CD to see if your hardware is effected.
> Trident Cyberblade – As the vesa driver doesn’t work with this
> chip-set the only solution is to remain with 12.04.
> Intel i810 – A new install can only be accomplished from the Alternate
> ISO. On reboot go to Recovery Mode and delete/blacklist video driver.
> On reboot create suitable xorg.conf or use RandR to get correct
> resolution if necessary.
> SiS 315 Series – As Intel i810
> Ubuntu Studio 12.10 is supported for 18 months.
> Security and bugfix updates for Ubuntu Studio are provided by the
> Ubuntu Studio Team and Community
> Support via email can be found at the Ubuntu Studio Users Mailing List.
> Support via IRC can be found in the #ubuntustudio channel on the
> freenode network
> Please download the release and try it out and we thank you for your
> support on Ubuntu Studio!
> Regards,
> Ubuntu Studio Team
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