Ubuntu Studio 12.04 not starting up

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at kapsi.fi
Mon Nov 19 11:28:31 UTC 2012

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 10:03:35AM +0000, David King wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu Studio 12.04 and all was well until today, now I
> can no longer boot into it. I get some text on the screen but it
> does not get as far as letting me log in.
> First it was some messages about not being able to touch some files
> in my home directory due to read only file system. I did a hard
> reboot (keyboard was unresponsive) and then next time I tried to
> boot there were various other messages. I had to hard reboot again
> and boot into a different distro.
> What could be wrong with it?

Hi David,

I'm not sure, as I haven't loaded my lucid installation in ages, but I think I
saw -lowlatency mentioned having been updated over the weekend. Could that be
the reason? Do you have older kernels available that you could boot into?

It's of course possible that the filesystem has suffered damages for whatever
reason, can you boot into single-user mode and run fsck on it?

I would check previous kernels first, though, if there are any.

Best regards,

Jaska (astraljava on freenode.net)

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