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Mabe you should try Tango Studio
Le 3 mars 2012 06:45, "Jose H." <joseche at gmail.com> a écrit :

> So, if I ready correctly:
> Ubuntu Studio is not, and will not be a productive audio recording and
> mixing environment.
> Why:
>      1) kernel issues
>      2) driver issues
> Options:
>      1) Use a new distro that some say is great !  ( a new clone of
> ubuntu/debian/etc.. ) - not really a good option
>      2) Just install Windows and be able to do some of the stuff, maybe
> all you need    - realistic option
>      3) Wait until Linux has a decent Sound API           - unrealistic
> option
> Well, that conclusion is sound with my own experience. Ubuntu/Linux is
> supposed to be better than other OSs but definitely music production is not
> one of those fields in which it gets even to the minimum expected.
> Personally I think this is because we don't have a firm base to build. You
> can't expect to have great user apps if you can't even have a good OS
> layer. Even if you have great apps, for what if you can't get the OS to
> work !?. We have ZynAddSubFX, but your sound card just doesn't work !, why
> ?, maybe because pulseaudio, maybe because the driver, maybe because the
> kernel or maybe because the modules you load ?, or maybe because you are
> not tired of linux and you just want to play and forget about Ubuntu Studio.
> Regards
> El 18 de febrero de 2012 06:04, teza <tezalprod at gmail.com> escribió:
>> Hi
>> Should try.Tango Studio
>> Regards
>> Teza.
>> Le 15 févr. 2012 05:11, "Rick Green" <rtg at aapsc.com> a écrit :
>> for Ubuntu Studio as a productive audio recording and mixing environment?
>>> Four years ago, I bought a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 firewire interface,
>>> largely because it was listed as one of the best-supported by the ffado
>>> project.  I loaded up a copy of UbuntuStudio 8.04LTS.  The clean install
>>> wouldn't talk to the interface, but after I obtained a bleeding-edge copy
>>> of the ffado source from one of the developers, and recompiled locally, I
>>> was up and running.  I've used that installation for every recording I've
>>> done since.  For the most part it's stable, and I've learned to work-around
>>> its quirks
>>>  When 10.04 came out, I thought I'd upgrade, thinking I'd like to see
>>> the latest enhancements to Ardour, and it might be more forgiving of the
>>> order I start up programs.  But 10.04 wasn't stable enough to run jack for
>>> more than a few minutes before the xrun count went thru the roof.
>>>  Since then, I've tried every new release, and the regressions are
>>> stacking up faster than ever.
>>>  I recently did a clean install of 11.10 (amd64), and tonight gave it a
>>> first attempt with the firewire interface...
>>>  With 8.04, I start ffado-mixer, and it automatically starts the
>>> ffado-dbus-server.  With this one, it merely complains that the dbus server
>>> isn't running, so I'm forced to open a terminal and start it, then when I
>>> restart ffado-mixer, it tells me 'no supported devices found'.
>>>  This isn't exactly true, for when I go to a terminal and run ffado-test
>>> ListDevices, it clearly finds my focusrite pro26IO on node 1.
>>> I launch qjackctl, open the setup window, and select the firewire
>>> driver, accepting all the defaults for now.  When I attempt to start jack,
>>> it fails with a 'cannot connect to server as client' message.
>>> After many attempts and reboots, I discover that if I start qjackctl and
>>> start jack without attempting to start ffado-mixer or ffado-dbus-server
>>> first, then jack will actually start! (With 8.04, I HAD to start
>>> ffado-mixer first.)
>>>  I launch Ardour, open a new session, and start to record two tracks of
>>> whatever audio happened to be playing on the stereo at the time.  About 24
>>> minutes later, just as I'm getting complacent with no xruns recorded(!),
>>> jack inexplicably dies, but qjackctl doesn't know it, so it is locked up,
>>> too.  I ended up having to go back to the terminal and kill -9 everything
>>> jack-related I could find, then power down my interface, and power it back
>>> on, then restart qjackctl, and finally jack.  Only then could I tell Ardour
>>> to reconnect and save the session, but for some reason Ardour's transport
>>> was messed up.  I could move the playhead either directly, or with the |<<
>>> button, but the 'Big Clock' still showed the time at the end of the aborted
>>> capture, and the 'play' button or the spacebar had no effect.
>>>  I closed Ardour, then went to stop jack and close qjackctl, and
>>> qjackctl threw messages about a client still connected (Ardour was already
>>> shut down at this point), and after I press the 'close anyway' button, then
>>> qjackctl itself refuses to quit cleanly, and I get a 'program not
>>> responding' message from the window manager, and I'm forced to go back to
>>> the terminal and resort to kill -9 again.
>>>  The developers are over halfway into the 12.04 cycle now, so I don't
>>> see any point in submitting bug reports against 11.10 for all this.  Have
>>> they gotten to the point of publishing any pre-builds of 12.04, and would
>>> it be any help to install that and submit bugs against 12.04pre- instead?
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