(rant) Is there any hope

daniel murray danielmurray01 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 11:39:41 UTC 2012


I switched from Windows years ago - will never go back...here's my list of
hardware that I use that always works:

e-machine AMD64 (2.4ghz)
1 GB Ram
160 GB HD Sata 1
M-Audio AudioPhile USB (version 1, 16 bit only)
NVidia graphics chipset (imbedded)
realtek embedded sound card (TURNED OFF!!)
realtek NIC 100MB

e-machine intel p4 2.4 ghz
1 gb ram
80 gb HD sata 1
M-Audio Audiophile PCI 24/96
intel graphics chipset
realtek NIC 100MB
asus MB
realtek embedded sound card (TURNED OFF!!)

Asus one netbook (LMAO!!)
2 core atom 1ghz cpu
1 GB ram
8 GB hd (5400 rpm - lmao)
8 GB sd (the bad transend sd cards)
intel graphics chipset
b43 wireless
realtek NIC

intel iMac (circa 2007)
1 GB Ram
160 GB sata 1 HD
intel HDA sound card
ATI Raedeon 1600XT
intel NIC 1000GB
b43 wireless

I'm running 11.10 and 10.04 with low-latency kernels. I even use netjack
alond with the sneaky ssh -X to link in with other PC's in the studio.

Yes there is hope.

Cheers, Daniel.

On Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 3:03 PM, Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de>wrote:

> Am 03.03.2012 20:40, schrieb saearea-test at yahoo.com:
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>>> Betreff: Re: (rant) Is there any hope
>>> Am 03.03.2012 07:45, schrieb Jose H.:
>>>> So, if I ready correctly:
>>> It would be much easier to find out, what it is, that you read, if you
>>> would not top-post but point us to what you are talking about.
>>>> Ubuntu Studio is not, and will not be a productive audio recording and
>>>> mixing environment.
>>>> Why:
>>>>        1) kernel issues
>>>>        2) driver issues
>>> All this applies to Ubuntu Studio in some cases with some combinations
>>> of hardware. It does not apply to many other Linux-Variants, including
>>> Ubuntu-derivates like KXStudio. And as far as I am concerned, it does
>>> not apply to my setup, that simply works perfectly well with Ubuntu plus
>>> the KX-Layer. And so does my Laptop. And my USB-interface and my
>>> Firewire-interface.
>>> Sorry folks, I really cant help but say: it works for me, just great.
>>> It does for about 8 years now, with maybe a dozen different machines and
>>> soundcards. And for some friends of mine it does so as well.
>>>> Options:
>>>>        1) Use a new distro that some say is great !  ( a new clone of
>>>> ubuntu/debian/etc.. ) - not really a good option
>>> Fedora, Suse, Debian vanilla: I made music with all of them, with bands,
>>> for video everything everybody does with music on computers, all did
>>> work OK for me. And yes: some did work for setups Ubuntu failed to
>>> support the same as good.
>>>         2) Just install Windows and be able to do some of the stuff,
>>>> maybe all
>>>> you need    - realistic option
>>> Do, as thou wishest but please consider to accept, that Linux did not
>>> work for *you* and *your* setup. It does work for many others.
>>>         3) Wait until Linux has a decent Sound API           -
>>>> unrealistic
>>>> option
>>> I do not really understand, what you mean by "a decent Sound API"  Jack
>>> and ALSA are consolidated and seam to work (last time I checked I found
>>> a few hundred applications and devices that worked good with these
>>> APIs). And everything else, that may exist in Linux regarding sound is
>>> irrelevant for musicians (and it does not interfere anymore either).
>>>> Well, that conclusion is sound with my own experience.
>>> *Your own* experience -- thanks for pointing to this.
>>>  Ubuntu/Linux is
>>>> supposed to be better than other OSs but definitely music production is
>>>> not
>>>> one of those fields in which it gets even to the minimum expected.
>>> In *Your own* experience it may be so. BTW: what other Linux-Variants
>>> did you test? Fedora+CCRMA? Pure:Dyne? Suse?
>>>> Personally I think this is because we don't have a firm base to build.
>>>> You
>>>> can't expect to have great user apps if you can't even have a good OS
>>>> layer. Even if you have great apps, for what if you can't get the OS to
>>>> work !?. We have ZynAddSubFX, but your sound card just doesn't work !
>>> What if you have Logic on your IBook running MacOSX but alas! Your
>>> interface does not come with a driver compatible to that version of
>>> MacOSX?
>>> Try Google, chances are, you find more than one thread discussing such
>>> issues, lesser chance though, that such threads end with the conclusion,
>>> that MacOSX would be entirely unusable for musicians....
>>>  , why
>>>> ?, maybe because pulseaudio, maybe because the driver, maybe because the
>>>> kernel or maybe because the modules you load ?, or maybe because you are
>>>> not tired of linux and you just want to play and forget about Ubuntu
>>>> Studio.
>>> I recommend indeed to abandon Ubuntu Studio and try Fedora or Suse.
>>> best regards
>>> HZN
>>>> Regards
>>>> El 18 de febrero de 2012 06:04, teza<tezalprod at gmail.com>   escribió:
>>>>  Hi
>>>>> Should try.Tango Studio
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Teza.
>>>>> Le 15 févr. 2012 05:11, "Rick Green"<rtg at aapsc.com>   a écrit :
>>>>> for Ubuntu Studio as a productive audio recording and mixing
>>>>> environment?
>>>>>> Four years ago, I bought a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 firewire
>>>>>> interface,
>>>>>> largely because it was listed as one of the best-supported by the
>>>>>> ffado
>>>>>> project.  I loaded up a copy of UbuntuStudio 8.04LTS.  The clean
>>>>>> install
>>>>>> wouldn't talk to the interface, but after I obtained a bleeding-edge
>>>>>> copy
>>>>>> of the ffado source from one of the developers, and recompiled
>>>>>> locally, I
>>>>>> was up and running.  I've used that installation for every recording
>>>>>> I've
>>>>>> done since.  For the most part it's stable, and I've learned to
>>>>>> work-around
>>>>>> its quirks
>>>>>>    When 10.04 came out, I thought I'd upgrade, thinking I'd like to
>>>>>> see the
>>>>>> latest enhancements to Ardour, and it might be more forgiving of the
>>>>>> order
>>>>>> I start up programs.  But 10.04 wasn't stable enough to run jack for
>>>>>> more
>>>>>> than a few minutes before the xrun count went thru the roof.
>>>>>>    Since then, I've tried every new release, and the regressions are
>>>>>> stacking up faster than ever.
>>>>>>    I recently did a clean install of 11.10 (amd64), and tonight gave
>>>>>> it a
>>>>>> first attempt with the firewire interface...
>>>>>>    With 8.04, I start ffado-mixer, and it automatically starts the
>>>>>> ffado-dbus-server.  With this one, it merely complains that the dbus
>>>>>> server
>>>>>> isn't running, so I'm forced to open a terminal and start it, then
>>>>>> when I
>>>>>> restart ffado-mixer, it tells me 'no supported devices found'.
>>>>>>    This isn't exactly true, for when I go to a terminal and run
>>>>>> ffado-test
>>>>>> ListDevices, it clearly finds my focusrite pro26IO on node 1.
>>>>>> I launch qjackctl, open the setup window, and select the firewire
>>>>>> driver,
>>>>>> accepting all the defaults for now.  When I attempt to start jack, it
>>>>>> fails
>>>>>> with a 'cannot connect to server as client' message.
>>>>>> After many attempts and reboots, I discover that if I start qjackctl
>>>>>> and
>>>>>> start jack without attempting to start ffado-mixer or
>>>>>> ffado-dbus-server
>>>>>> first, then jack will actually start! (With 8.04, I HAD to start
>>>>>> ffado-mixer first.)
>>>>>>    I launch Ardour, open a new session, and start to record two
>>>>>> tracks of
>>>>>> whatever audio happened to be playing on the stereo at the time.
>>>>>>  About 24
>>>>>> minutes later, just as I'm getting complacent with no xruns
>>>>>> recorded(!),
>>>>>> jack inexplicably dies, but qjackctl doesn't know it, so it is locked
>>>>>> up,
>>>>>> too.  I ended up having to go back to the terminal and kill -9
>>>>>> everything
>>>>>> jack-related I could find, then power down my interface, and power it
>>>>>> back
>>>>>> on, then restart qjackctl, and finally jack.  Only then could I tell
>>>>>> Ardour
>>>>>> to reconnect and save the session, but for some reason Ardour's
>>>>>> transport
>>>>>> was messed up.  I could move the playhead either directly, or with
>>>>>> the |<<
>>>>>> button, but the 'Big Clock' still showed the time at the end of the
>>>>>> aborted
>>>>>> capture, and the 'play' button or the spacebar had no effect.
>>>>>>    I closed Ardour, then went to stop jack and close qjackctl, and
>>>>>> qjackctl
>>>>>> threw messages about a client still connected (Ardour was already
>>>>>> shut down
>>>>>> at this point), and after I press the 'close anyway' button, then
>>>>>> qjackctl
>>>>>> itself refuses to quit cleanly, and I get a 'program not responding'
>>>>>> message from the window manager, and I'm forced to go back to the
>>>>>> terminal
>>>>>> and resort to kill -9 again.
>>>>>>    The developers are over halfway into the 12.04 cycle now, so I
>>>>>> don't see
>>>>>> any point in submitting bug reports against 11.10 for all this.  Have
>>>>>> they
>>>>>> gotten to the point of publishing any pre-builds of 12.04, and would
>>>>>> it be
>>>>>> any help to install that and submit bugs against 12.04pre- instead?
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Rick Green
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>>>>>> temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
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>>>>>> safety and our ideals."
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>>> Hello Hartmut,
>>> could you post the setup of your systems that have always worked?
> PC
> with Asus-Board and IntelQuadcore
> NVidia-Graphics(prop. drivers)
> MAudio Audiophile 2496 (does not work well with PA, perfectly with ALSA
> and Jack. Since KXStudio bridges PA to Jack and starts Jack by default,
> this is no issue to be solved by hand anymore))
> Presonus Firebox (trouble can be caused by some FW-Chipsets, works best
> with the built-in of the ASUS)
> MAudio mobile Pre USB (Jack needs to be forced to use 16bit)
> I use the MAudio mobile with a Thinkpad T60 also, works out of the box in
> Fedora+CCRMA and Suse
> best regards
>  Maybe you have done that already and it is available somewhere in an
>> archive or blog, please send me the URL. Thanks in advance.
>>> On a different topic.
>>> I was getting very tired of listening to the fan noise of my laptop. I
>>> had bought an external fan (ZALMAN) onto which I would place the laptop and
>>> it was working quite well, but still: noise. Maybe the open source graphics
>>> driver wasn't able to control the fan too well.
>>> I looked for alternatives and considered several options e.g. server and
>>> thin client setup, with a server in a different room. Or a tower PC with
>>> extra quite fans.
>>> For a couple of days now, working on the PC has become a new sensation.
>>> I found a completely fan-less system (http://www.caseking.de/shop/**
>>> catalog/King-Mod-No-Noise-**HTPC-Gigabyte-AMD-APU-E350::**17711.html<http://www.caseking.de/shop/catalog/King-Mod-No-Noise-HTPC-Gigabyte-AMD-APU-E350::17711.html>).
>>> I've added a Samsung SDD and a 21" LED monitor from AOC. Currently I am
>>> running xubuntu 11.10.  I haven't tweaked it yet (e.g. 3D graphics drivers,
>>> desktop effects, etc.). I was looking for some nice temperature meter on
>>> the desktop for xfce, but I think I need compiz for desktop effects first.
>>> So far I have a terminal open with "watch sensors", that keeps me updated
>>> on the temperature of the system. On the average it is about 50 degrees
>>> Celcius, very similar to what I saw on my laptop with fans.
>>> I learned that when using Gigabyte motherboards and trying to boot from
>>> USB sticks is not easily accomplished. But thanks to others sharing their
>>> solution, I was able to install xubuntu from a USB stick.
>>> I am not sure whether the CPU power will be enough for more heavyweight
>>> kind of work (e.g. video encoding), but general applications (office,
>>> browser) are a breeze.
>>> Standby and suspend worked out of the box. Apparently the network card:
>>> Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
>>> controller (rev 06) can have problems with dual boot Windows (where Windows
>>> puts it into sleep during shutdown and the linux driver not being able to
>>> wake it up again - or something). I don't have dual boot at the moment, so
>>> I cannot comment on that. But I have seen this behavior on a laptop (ASUS,
>>> AMD E450) with dual boot .
>>> ...
>>> and still: no noise :)
>>> Just wanted to share.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Stefan
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