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Sun Jan 22 14:50:44 UTC 2012

interesting, i always thought that king crimson was an updated
mahavishnu with the phillip glass/steve reich influence, that is, beyond
the red album.  and can... it makes sense.

I will be looking forward to your release.  gabriel

On 1/22/2012 7:00 AM, ubuntu-studio-users-request at wrote:
> On 01/21/2012 07:04 AM, G L Romeu wrote:
>> > nice, kind of an updated mahavishnu...
>> >
>>> >>
>>> >> One time only pitch since I've brought us up anyway... if you
>>> >> are interested in hearing some of what will be appearing on the
>>> >> new album "overfulnoisecascade", go here:
>>> >>
>>> >> <>
> That's quite a compliment. We think of ourselves as more of an
> electronica-driven King Crimson or a symphonic Can, but there's
> definitely some Mahvishnu Orchestra fusion in our DNA.
> Thanks for giving us a listen. Next time I bring us up it will be
> when the new album is available for d/l. It will appear in my sig.
> -- Cheers, SDM -- a 21st Century Schizoid Man Systems Theory project
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Gabriel L Romeu

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