Sharing "things" between Ubuntu Studio 11.10 and...

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Tue Feb 14 10:42:21 UTC 2012

Hi :)

there're two things I wish to have:

        1. Evolution
        Evolution 3.2.3 from an Arch Linux install should share
        everything or at least emails with Evolution 3.2.2 from US 11.10
        2. Wi-Fi
        An iPad 2 should be connected to US 11.10 and the Internet by
        Wi-fi, while US 11.10 is connected to the Internet by PPPoE.

1. Evolution

On Arch Linux I backup by "File > Back up Evolution data...".
On US 11.10 I restored from this backup by the restore option of the
assistant that's started, when you launch Evolution for the first time.

There are those Evolution related paths:

>From the ~ dir I run:
$ rm -r .local/share/evolution/mail
$ ln
-s /mnt/archlinux/home/spinymouse/.local/share/evolution/mail .local/share/evolution/mail

This at least is working at the moment, but I didn't reboot between both
installs. I wonder what folders I can share and what folders I can't
share, especially if there ever will be much different versions of
Evolution installed.

2. Wi-Fi

There are two tasks I wish to get working. Sharing data between the iPad
and Linux, at least with VirtualBox running iTunes on XP pro. On Arch
Linux I already do this wired by USB.

And important for now, I wish to share the Internet between US 11.10 and
the iPad.

The connection between US 11.10 and the Internet was created by running
pppoeconf and works without any issues.

After running this script ...

$ cat adhoc
#! /bin/sh
# sh ./adhoc

sudo service network-manager stop
sudo ip link set $device down
sudo iwconfig $device mode ad-hoc
sudo iwconfig $device channel 4
sudo iwconfig $device essid 'oz'
sudo iwconfig $device key 1324354657
# sudo dhclient $device
sudo ip addr add dev $device
exit 0

... the iPad recognized a network "oz". I can connect by selecting the
name "oz", WEP and for the password I just enter a space, but I don't
get access to the Internet.

How can I add a password and how do I add a HTTP-Proxy or what ever is

I already googled and I still will google myself ;) but any "let me
google that for you", resp. any hints are welcome ;).


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