Ubuntu Studio 11.10 repositories + an Ubuntu providing WLAN spport

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at kapsi.fi
Sun Feb 12 11:21:03 UTC 2012

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 01:32:12AM +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> I'm missing a mailing list for Mint, so I join a German forum. I
> installed Mint Lisa - KDE 64-bit. KDE freeze after login and Xfce
> doesn't show nm-applet. Changing the mouse cursor theme doesn't work.
> Haven't installed Ubuntu Studio meta packages until now. Perhaps I
> should test what happens, when Ubuntu Studio themes are installed. Does
> 11.10 already include Xfce?


I am a little puzzled, over here. What does a Mint installation (and its
problems) have to do with Ubuntu Studio? We will not provide any official
support for such a combo, so I would suggest you find some elsewhere, for I do
not wish to encourage this sort of behaviour on our official support forums.

Thanks for understanding!


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