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Fri Feb 3 20:37:09 UTC 2012

> From: ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
> To: paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
> > > I won an iPod 2 and I flirt with selling it and then to buy some Android
> > http://saitarasoftware.com/Site/Home.html
> Wow, thank you Paul. I still wonder if it's useful to own an iPad ;).

There was a discussion recently on andraudio regarding Linux audio and the Google platform. The going response was that Linux is Linux, Android is blahblah blah. In short, the teams felt that never the twain should meet.
Personally I found that not just a bit black and white, but worse that Linuxaudio which has lived a life in a corner of a far of field was missing out on the chance to ride on the crest of a wave that android is continuing to bring home.
There is plenty to lament in what Android brings to audio but at the sametime it has an immensity to offer to the audio isolate that is Linux audio. It is a shame that LAD/LAU has not jumped on the Andriod bandwagon, or even bothered to hi-jack it for their own needs. This is probably the only chancethat any kind of Linux audio can become mainstream.
I think Paul has a perspective on this although he has not expressed an opinion.My personal feeling is that Linux audio is a dynamic, open and very capableenvironment but that it might never break out into mainstream without embracing a major platform such as Android now is. There are ~500,000 systemsbeing sparked up every day, and it is almost greenfield for audio development.
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