Which low latency kernel?

Alexis Bitoulas albitoulas at yahoo.gr
Sun Feb 5 22:38:02 UTC 2012

Dear list, 

it has been some time now that I was not able to work with my lowlatency 
system lately, mainly due to hard disk issues. Last days I had a clean install 
and was about to download and install the low latency kernel from Abogani's 

On one hand the label "Old" added to the ppa of Abogani, on the other hand the 
difference in the version of the kernel (lowlatency 3 series compared with the 
2.6 series of the official kubuntu 11.04), confused me a bit and I started to 
re-evaluate the question: 

-"which kernel would be the best to install for my system" (kubuntu 11.04, 
kernel 2.6.38-13 generic, 64bit, Intel Pentium Dual cpu 2.20GHz, 1.5 Gb ram)? 
-"Had there been any improvements in any of the low latency kernels lately 
(lowlatency, realtime,e.t.c) that would make a difference..."

Therefore I would like to ask:

-which kernel of the available would you recommend one to use today for live 
recording my guitar? 
-Abogani's and KXStudio lowlatency kernels, are they the same?
-Would I need to install also the generic 3 series kernel along with the 
lowlatency kernel of Abogani? Is the 3 series kernel safe enough?

Any feedback would be more than welcomed :)

Thank you, 


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