Not accepting password only guest working

Fredd Oliveiras fredd.oliveiras at
Thu Dec 27 14:31:03 UTC 2012

It happened to me last night. I had made a change in partitions 
structure to allow using many distros with one partition for each home 
directory and it causes a permission problem when i created new 
partitions as root. The ownner of my home was root.

My solution was:

login in terminal with

ctr +alt + F2

change the owner of user directory with

sudo   chown -R  fredd.fredd   /home/fredd

My only doubt is if some app or process that use that directory needs to 
be owner of its config files... Here, everything worked out after 
that... But, if its your case, you can try first a not recursive command

sudo   chown  fredd.fredd   /home/fredd


Fredd Oliveiras
(Linux apprentice)


Your message

"Hi folks. I'm running Gnome 3.6 usually, and for some reason instead
of logging in automatically, I get the login prompt, and it's not
accepting my password, so I can only login as guest. What I don't
understand, and it's driving me crazy, is that if I go CTRL ALT F2, I
can login with no problem at all, so I've not changed my password or
anything. Any help appreciated; thanking you in advance."

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