Not accepting password only guest working

Alf Haakon Lund alf at
Mon Dec 24 16:20:34 UTC 2012

I had a similar problem long ago, so I don't remember the fix exactly, 
but it had to do with my gnome user accidentally losing some of the 
groups. So when logged in "behind the scenes" as root I recreated my 
user in comand line and it fixed the login problem.

So maybe this would help.

Good luck and merry holiday!


On 24. des. 2012 15:17, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Dec 24, 2012 9:08 AM, "Alex Armani" <alex.armani at> wrote:
>> Hi folks. I'm running Gnome 3.6 usually, and for some reason instead of
> logging in automatically, I get the login prompt, and it's not accepting my
> password, so I can only login as guest. What I don't understand, and it's
> driving me crazy, is that if I go CTRL ALT F2, I can login with no problem
> at all, so I've not changed my password or anything. Any help appreciated;
> thanking you in advance.
> Its likely just seeming like you are not able to login. Its probably
> something in your ~/.config configuration causing x to crash or not load
> and dump you back out at the login. You can try removing or renaming things
> randomly til you find it.. I would rename the gnome specific configs or
> just move them out of your /home directory temporarily to test... cheers!
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