Jettisoning Vanilla Kernel?

Ho Wan Chan smartboyhw at
Sat Dec 22 10:37:11 UTC 2012

BTW, Ralf, it is a good idea to build the 3.6.11-rt25 kernel. It has a lot
of bug fixes as I heard from the mailing lists.

Also, can you provide us a comparesent on the performance and audio
recording on both the 3.5-lowlatency and the 3.6-rt kernel:-P

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)
On 2012-12-22 下午1:46, "Ralf Mardorf" <ralf.mardorf at> wrote:

> You can purge a kernel by apt or completely remove it with synaptic,
> without any risk, that this will break anything of other installed
> packages. But as Mike already hinted, you always should keep a kernel,
> that does work and I'll add, you always should keep a backup of your
> complete install.
> You also should reconsider if upgrading packages, just for version
> hunting is useful. Of course, security update are important and
> sometimes you perhaps want new features, but if you want a stable
> production environment, you should be aware, that upgrades could make
> your Linux unstable.
> If you completely will remove a kernel you can't do it by simply
> removing the package. Assumed you needed special drivers, they will not
> be removed, you have to delete them manually.
> ls /lib/modules
> will show you, if there are drivers kept for a kernel you removed.
> On Quantal I've 3.5.0-18-lowlatency and 3.6.5-rt14 installed. Both
> kernels do work, but I only use the self-build kernel-rt. I keep the
> lowlatency kernel, just in case I should install something and my
> self-build kernel should cause issues.
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