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Todd Howe tehowe at signaltonoise.ca
Sun Apr 22 18:21:43 UTC 2012

Hello users and devs;

I've been keeping an eye on the 'UbuntuStudioPreparation' page.

As you'll know, this is the page that's maintained to assist users of
vanilla Ubuntu installations to transition to Ubuntu Studio kernel,
audio architecture, and application meta-packages.

Presently, it reads

> A complete rewrite is under work for Ubuntu 12.04. 

Nice! I'm presently running the mainline 12.04 Precise Beta2 with
Unity/Gnome/Cinnamon desktop. I wasn't able to go with the UbuStudio
precise release because it no longer offers a LUKS install but I'd be
happy to help whomever maintains that page with testing their updated
instructions for moving any 12.04 LTS desktop to Studio. Workflow

I've two systems, a smaller laptop with a dual-core Celeron (Acer 1410),
and my workhorse, an AMD64 6-core.

I'd like to transition both of those systems upon stable release or RC
(like, now) to the UbuStudio packages, kernel, etc. I'd want to keep
Unity/Gnome/Cinnamon available as lightdm bootup options. I'm not averse
to having XFCE in there as well to try it out, but let's assume for the
trial that I won't be using it. If you're the maintainer, let me know.

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