An early cry for help for testing Release Candidates

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at
Wed Apr 11 12:38:36 UTC 2012

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 03:37:32AM -0700, Stuart McQuade wrote:
> Hi Janne,
> Can you tell me where I can find the test cases? (or some sort of testing
> script I can follow) I'm not such an experienced tester (which is why I want
> to help out and gain more experience), but I could definitely spare a few
> hours over the next few weeks.

Hi Stuart,

thanks for responding, as I now only realized you're gonna have to log in to the
site to perform testcases properly, my apologies for missing this information
initially! Click on 'Log in' button, it'll take you to a screen where you can
either log in with your existing account, or create a new one. Choose
accordingly. When you're done with the authentication, you can carry on with the
rest of these instructions.

In the first page of the website (, there are the milestones
tests listed. For now, you can only meaningfully choose the 'Precise Daily',
it's the only one currently with 'Testing' status. Click on the name.

Now you're presented every release that'll be out there eventually. It's a long
list. You have to scroll way down to see 'Ubuntu Studio DVD amd64' and 'Ubuntu
Studio DVD i386' (you can disregard the Alternates, they're not being created
anymore). Click on either arch, depending on your system.

Here you can see two testcases, 'Install (ubiquity)' and 'Live Session'. The
former is the one you choose to install without trying, when you boot up the
image (I forget now the actual text for the menu option, but it'll be quite
obvious), and the latter is the 'Try Ubuntu Studio without installing', or
something to that effect. Click on either one you're willing to test, again
depending on whether you want to make permanent changes to your system, or just
giving it a spin to see how it runs. Note, that on this page you can subscribe
to either one or both testcases, if you so incline.

Now finally you can see the form in which the results are to be inserted. Above
the form you can find links to both the download info, and how the testcases
ought to be performed. If you already have acquired the image elsewhere (like on
[0]), be sure still to read the testcase instructions, for there are listed the
actions we'd want you to be able to take, ie. confirming that the system works
as expected.

If everything goes as the testcases describe, you can mark the results as
'Passed'. If you cannot finish it on one go, you can mark it as 'In progress',
and return to it later on. The most demanding is when something isn't quite
right, and the system doesn't react to everything there is in the testcase
description. Here it'd be much appreciated if you could, additionally to marking
the test as 'Failed', look into LaunchPad [1] for possibly already existing
bugs, or file new ones if you can't find similar. 'Critical bugs' would be those
that completely prevent you from using the system. Plain 'Bugs' is for something
that you could potentially live with, if your life depended on it. :) 'Hardware
profile' would be nifty, but not at all required. If you can simply describe
something about the machine you're testing on, it'd possibly speed up profiling
some issues, but in any case the bug reports are where the majority of the
triaging happens anyway. Finally there's 'Comments' for any additional bit of
info you'd like to share with us concerning the installation/session. Remember
to hit 'Submit results' button on the way out. :)

Good question, thanks for paying attention! Got others? Shoot, I'm happy to help
you help us.

Best regards,

Jaska (astraljava on

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