An early cry for help for testing Release Candidates

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at
Wed Apr 11 04:50:41 UTC 2012


it's that time again, the end of a cycle is at hand. This time it's something
special, too. (yea I know we always say that) But it's the first LTS (long term
support) release with the new system basing on Xubuntu (and its XFCE Desktop
Environment), so we'd like to ask for Your assistance in making sure all
possible wrinkles are getting ironed out, to provide as bug-free release as

So, if you feel like you have a few spare hours during the next two weeks or so
(the exact dates will be announced later), and have an access to a USB stick, a
DVD+RW disc (or just several non-re-writables) and a machine you can play with,
please help testing the images!

The website where ISO testing is tracked can be found at [0], it already has the
earlier milestones listed on the front page, but will contain the final release
candidate tests in due time. Please note that the daily image testing is
on-going as you read this, so participating is already possible, and not only
that but highly appreciated. If you have questions regarding the testing, or
just want to discuss about anything related, feel free to 0) respond to this
message, 1) start a new thread on either list, 2) join us on IRC at [1] or [2].

I do want to highlight the recommendation of reading the testcases, though, so
that full potential of the testruns could be acquired. But every bit of
information counts, so thanks in advance for all that are filed.

More details will be posted again as we are nearing towards the action, this is
just a heads-up so that you can plan accordingly. Thanks for participating and
making Ubuntu (Studio) better, and overall for being a part of the community!

[1] #ubuntustudio-devel on
[2] #ubuntustudio on

Best regards,

Jaska (astraljava on

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