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Hi all,

I'm in the process of making an animation movie. I guess  I don't have to
explain it's really tons and tons of work. Right now I'm working on the
website to put it online, with all the necessary explanations and info, but
it is far from ready yet.

But, since it's going to be an semi-open project, (story is fixed, and you
could call it a life's work,  so I do consider me being the final judge in
what's going to be approved, but I guess that's obvious) I'm looking for
people and some tools to work in collaboration.
It speaks for itself that the final results will be freely available, in
that sense it will be fully open.

As far as text and images it is not that hard, but when it comes to music,
I haven't found really interesting things yet to work in collaboration with
others online, apart from ninjam, but that's more for jamming sessions.

I know it is not specifically ubuntustudio related, but are there people
with experience, knowledge or ideas on how to manage music composing,
recording etc. in collaboration with an online community? And are there
people out there interested in creating some movie music? Don't hesitate to
contact me, even personally, for more info about it.

Thinking about Ubuntustudio, this might be a way to test its capabilities
and a way to discover lacking features for this kind of work (comparing it
with Blenders open movie projects to pinpoint problems in Blenders feature
set). I mean, since Ubuntu and UbuntuStudio are the result of
collaboration, why wouldn't we jointly create some things?


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