HowTo Help: Ubuntu Studio for the Masses?

Todd Howe tehowe at
Tue Apr 3 08:47:48 UTC 2012

For various reasons, I decided to use the Ubuntu alternate ISO for my
test installs of Precise LTS (alternate installer not available for
Studio), so I'm trying out the semantic desktops, Unity, Cinnamon, etc. 

I'd like to suggest that since Studio LTS is in final beta (and it works
pretty well from a USB key!) there's probably some people, myself
included, that would like to import its audio, graphics, video
functionality so it might be worthwhile to put a sticky (or post) up on
the board with a brief step-by-step. Maybe it's
counterintuitive to start at point B to get to A, but I'd like to keep
my current LUKS drive, and maybe I'll try XFCE as another potential
desktop - or hold off on those packages until later sometime.

I understand this has been done with meta-packages for prior releases?
Wouldn't a how-to read something like

- Install a PPA for the RT kernel
- List the meta-packages required that get core studio functionality
going, options, and what order should they go in via apt-get
- Are there any problems that might ensare the unwary?

If the list comes up with some good advice, I could go ahead and
collate/post it as well.

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