DLNA gapless streamer

R Kimber richardkimber at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 2 11:37:51 UTC 2012

I'm having trouble streaming audio to my hi-fi gaplessly.  Can anyone tell
me if there is a DLNA app that will do this?  I've tried miniDLNA and
Mediatomb, but neither will stream gaplessly. XBMC is supposed to do
gaples, but I couldn't get it to stream at all (though I think it's
supposed to) and it crashes my machine when I try to exit. Gmediaserver
is supposed to do gapless, but doesn't do flac files (all my music is

I'm even willing to pay (a reasonable amount of) money.

I'm surprised this is so much of a problem, since presumably it's just a
matter of making the appropriate buffering arrangements, which doesn't
sound like rocket science.

I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 at the moment.

- Richard.
Richard Kimber
Political Science Resources

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