Ardour Segmentation fault- won't start at all!

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Mon May 30 22:03:36 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-05-31 at 00:56 +0300, Alexandros Bitoulas wrote:
> Hello,
> On Monday 30 of May 2011 11:01:56 Gustin Johnson wrote:
> > Is your disk full?  "df -h" should tell you.
> > 
> No, my disks are not full, I just checked them.
> > You may also want to remove the .deb that is cached in
> > /var/cache/apt/archive before you reinstall.
> I tried it, but no improvement. 
> > Is there anything in /var/log/syslog that shows up at the same time
> > you try to run ardour?
> > 
> But yes, I found this on syslog whenever I try to run ardour: 
> May 31 00:40:18 Kubuntu-pc kernel: [19300.148249] ardour-2.8.11[4134]: 
> segfault at 50 ip 00007f3d8b788d1c sp 00007fff7c3d4f80 error 4 in libgtk-
> Could somebody guess what to do with this? Should I try reinstalling 
> something?
> Also, I just remembered that the day that the problem started with ardour I 
> had installed 3 gstreamer plugins that the system notified me to do in order to 
> optimize Amarok's performance. It described them as ugly, bad and super bad 
> correspondingly as far as I can remember. Do you think that it could have 
> something to do with ardour not launching? If yes how can I see which 
> particularly plugins I have installed in order to remove them?
> Thank you all! Any ideas?  
> Alex

I'm subscribed to Ardour users mailing list. I recommend that you do the
same ;).

More shots in the dark just would lead into the wrong direction.

2 Cents,


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