*Official Announcement:* Ubuntu Studio is switching to XFCE.

Thomas Orgis thomas-forum at orgis.org
Mon May 16 07:09:10 UTC 2011

Am Sun, 15 May 2011 15:46:50 -0400
schrieb Michael Dickson <mike.dickson at rivendellnh.com>: 

> I believe Ubuntu Studio should track
> the "default" Ubuntu desktop for the release track its on.

I have thoughts in the same direction, but regarding "change from default", I got a perhaps more narrow view, even. A user I support has a normal laptop with ubuntu (10.10) and a separate machine with Studio. I actually installed from the US medium and thus got the different UI configuration, compared to stock ubuntu: Different optics and different menus (like, the missing "Applications" and "System" direct-access menus in the panel).

That wouldn't fly at all. So I configured the US install to look just like a default desktop (which took some time since you have to search through forum posts to find anything). The user doesn't want disruption of the known workflow. Not again, after getting accustomed to Linux / ubuntu at all.

So, the current / last ubuntu Studio deviations from the normal Gnome 2 install were too much already. I see the question of switching the desktop you get when installing Studio directly as not that relevant to me: I'll install people the vanilla ubuntu and then add Studio packages on top, keeping the known interface. And to be honest, that's the two faces of ubuntu Studio I see:

1. Exactly the same desktop as vanilla, just with added functionality (realtime settings, etc.).
2. Something different.

The second category includes the old setup with a changed Gnome 2 configuration, as well as a possible XFCE setup in the future: It's different from vanilla. That's enough for my users not to use it. It doesn't matter for "normal users" how different it is. Perhaps more different is better to quickly realize that one has to adapt expectations.

Pro people who are more dedicated to studio work, who wire up lots of JACK clients and have many desktops filled with those synth / sampler controls, can benefit from a specialized ubuntu Studio desktop. People who just want to record a bit with some provided Ardour templates will use the environment they have on other installs -- otherwise they get confused and annoyed.

Just go ahead and change ubuntu Studio desktop to what you think is best -- as long as one can just "upgrade" a vanilla install with the audio recording packages.

Alrighty then,


PS: Of course it's a separate question how those users will survive the switch to unity ... well, for 11.04, it will be classic desktop for sure!
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