*Official Announcement:* Ubuntu Studio is switching to XFCE.

Scott Lavender scottalavender at gmail.com
Sat May 14 13:31:27 UTC 2011


I am having trouble parsing your statements to understand your intent/point,
but here is my attempt.  Please correct any of my misunderstandings.

On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 8:05 AM, Kenneth Koym <koymkg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Whereas I've plugged away with 10.04.02 LTS - kxstudio 64 amd

Just wanted to point out while I admire falktx's brilliant work with
KXStudio, it's not directly related to Ubuntu Studio other than being a
derivative.  If you are using KXStudio (or even their repositories) then the
basis for any comparisons or contrasts is void in my opinion.

> and saw no build up comments regarding going to xfce which I suffered with
> over 1.5 years with no known supporters,

The decision to move towards XFCE is not based on the past, hence no build
up comments regarding GNOME 2's performance, but rather the future, which is
the eventual degradation of the gnome-panel package, Unity as the default
Ubuntu DE, and GNOME 3's release.

I am not exactly sure what you suffer with for 1.5 years.  The lack of
XFCE?  Apparently you expected supporters, can you explain what position
they were to support and why you expected them?

I am a bit appalled at the sudden off course decision to suddenly jump forth
> with an "Officially Announced" boondoggle..

Kenneth, have you read in my blog [1] where I gave reasons for the move to
XFCE?  I look forward to a discussion if you could provide counterpoints to
the reasons given rather than simply providing the "sudden off course
decision" attribute.

And why is this a "boondoggle"?  The team made a decision, will make the
changes, and release Ubuntu Studio 11.10 with XFCE.  I do not view this as a
waste of time or effort.

Good, developers made a decision. Make it work and at least talk about
> "Here's a place to download, etc." After all, if it's official, act
> official.

Okay, we did make a decision and I plan on making this work.  Furthermore, I
will be happy to announce the availability of downloadable images when they
are ready at the appropriate time.  The first release of the Alpha 1 image
will be June 2nd according to Oneirc Release Schedule [2].  Additionally,
the will be available in the same locations and via the same means as they
have been during previous release.

I am unsure, however, if you are explicitly cognizant that we are discussion
the _upcoming_ (i.e. future) release, the one to be officially released in
October of this year.  As such, we have only just begun development on this

I believed that we were acting "official" by making the "official
announcement", planning the development, intending to effect the
development, and scheduling to release according the the schedule.  I would
appreciate any suggestions you might provide on how we might act more

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[1] http://dullass.blogspot.com/2011/05/ubuntu-studio-moving-to-xfce.html
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule
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