*Official Announcement:* Ubuntu Studio is switching to XFCE.

Erik Rasmussen MailForErik at GMail.com
Fri May 13 19:32:30 UTC 2011

*What is XFCE?*

*Simple explanation...*
 <http://www.xfce.org/>Instead of using the Gnome
desktop<http://www.gnome.org/>that Ubuntu Studio uses today, or the
desktop <http://www.kde.org/> environment that
we'll be using the Xfce desktop environment.  What does that mean?
 Menus will look a little bit different and some of the default apps will be
different.  Xfce is touted to require fewer system resources than Gnome or
KDE, but it can basically run all the same apps as Gnome or KDE.  My
personal opinion is that it may not be as visually polished as the Gnome
desktop, but it is very similar, seems more stable than KDE, and what it may
lack in eye candy it seems to make up for in being lightweight, fast, and
reliable.  I'll miss Gnome, but I think we'll all adjust quite easily
because the main nuts and bolts of doing things is just like the traditional
Gnome that we're all used to.

*Explanation from http://www.xfce.org/about*

"Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems.
It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually
appealing and user friendly.

Xfce embodies the traditional UNIX philosophy of modularity and
re-usability. It consists of a number of components that provide the full
functionality one can expect of a modern desktop environment. They are
packaged separately and you can pick among the available packages to create
the optimal personal working environment.

Another priority of Xfce is adhereance to standards, specifically those
defined at freedesktop.org.

Xfce can be installed on several UNIX platforms. It is known to compile on
Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Cygwin and MacOS X, on x86, PPC,
Sparc, Alpha..."
On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 11:58, Kenneth Koym <koymkg at gmail.com> wrote:

> C K:
>   in lay terms what's meant by XFCE?
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