Ubuntu 11.04 Access to Shares Disappear

Brian Blater brb.lists at gmail.com
Thu May 12 19:07:53 UTC 2011

I have a relatively new install of Ubuntu 11.04. This is a fresh
install, not an upgrade. I have been using pam_mount for many releases
to mount various windows shares automatically upon login to the box. I
haven't had any major problems until just recently. The last few days
when I login to the system the drives are mapped as they should be,
but then I will lose access to the shares/mounts. If I do a mount
command in the terminal, I see all the mounts listed. If I do an ls
-alF I see the folders listed, but they are now in Red and perms,
user, group etc are all just ???? marks. If I try to remount the
shares using mount -t cifs -o user=username,dom=domain,uid=username
//share/path /path/to/folder I get back access denied (13). I can
umount each of the mount points without error, but can't mount the
shares until I logout of X and login again. Which the same story
repeats itself over again. \

The funny thing is the mounts work for a few minutes or so, as I'm
able to access files and directories in the share, but then things
die. Logout/login and things work again for a little while or
sometimes everything is ok for an extended period of time, until the
next login.

Not sure what is happening. Not sure even which log files to look at
or if they would report anything. Anyone have any ideas? This one is
baffling. Machine is up to date on patches. Using UbuntuStudio x64
Natty release with generic kernel and nvidia proprietary drivers. Not
sure what else to mention.

Thank you for any help you can offer.


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