Natty and the Real Time Kernel

Brian David beejunk at
Sat May 7 05:30:18 UTC 2011

On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 3:46 AM, Victor henri <nadaeck at> wrote:
> My personal experience is, since 2.6.33, many improvements have been done in
> the low latency kernel; I, as several other people, have reported excellent
> performances of the 2.6.37 and 2.6.38 low latency kernel, that seemed to get
> much closer closer to the rt performance then before. That allows me, most
> of the time to not use anymore the RT kernel and all its related problems...

I just installed Natty for the first time tonight.  This time around,
I went with Xubuntu and installed the Ubuntu Studio packages on top of
that.  As Scott mentioned, I needed to add myself to the audio group,
but after this my equipment immediately worked.  Unlike previous
versions, there was no need to change any configuration files to get
access to my firewire device, which means that Ubuntu Studio is
basically working out of the box for me now (or, it would be if I had
installed from an Ubuntu Studio disc).  Yay!

For a test run, I did some mixing on a recording I'm working on right
now.  I started out using the generic kernel, and performance was
surprisingly solid.  There were a few x-runs when starting up or
switching between applications, but otherwise it was usable.

I then installed Allessio's low latency kernel, and proceeded to mix
for an hour and half without a single x-run, even when starting up
applications and switching between them.  Rock on!  So, I can say
definitively that the low latency kernel gives me better performance
over generic.

This test was run at 44.1 khz / 512 frames / 3 periods - getting about
34.9 msec latency.  The next time I get the chance, I'll set up some
mics and do a recording test at lower latencies (I'll push it to 128
frames, which will take it down to 8.71 msec latency.  This is
something I have been able to do previously using rt kernels) and see
how it performs.

So far so good.  Thanks for the work, everyone!

-Brian David

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