Natty and the Real Time Kernel

Victor henri nadaeck at
Thu May 5 08:46:52 UTC 2011


> Hi all,
> I'm starting testing natty i386 on a netbook celeron 900 2Go Asus eeepc 900
> which is running with lucid i386 RT kernel fine (RT kernel is Alessio's one).
> For natty, which kernel should I test ? Alessio's one, or FaltX' one ?

Hello both (rt from Falk's and low latency from Alessio's) are probably fine

My personal experience is, since 2.6.33, many improvements have been done in the low latency kernel; I, as several other people, have reported excellent performances of the 2.6.37 and 2.6.38 low latency kernel, that seemed to get much closer closer to the rt performance then before. That allows me, most of the time to not use anymore the RT kernel and all its related problems...


> My wish is to test if natty low latency or RT kernel is stable and as performant
> as lucid one before talking about it at Ubuntu Party in Paris the 28-29 may
> 2011...
> Thanks for answers.
> Bellegarde Laurent
> free video :

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