Natty and the Real Time Kernel

Bellegarde Laurent laurent.bellegarde at
Thu May 5 07:17:16 UTC 2011

Selon ScottALavender at

> On May 4, 2011 9:32am, Giuliano Braglia <forevergyl at> wrote:
> > There are PPA's available with real time kernels available and I would
> > expect even for Natty. I believe Falktx's PPA is one of these and well
> > maintained at that.

Hi all,

I'm starting testing natty i386 on a netbook celeron 900 2Go Asus eeepc 900
which is running with lucid i386 RT kernel fine (RT kernel is Alessio's one).

For natty, which kernel should I test ? Alessio's one, or FaltX' one ?

My wish is to test if natty low latency or RT kernel is stable and as performant
as lucid one before talking about it at Ubuntu Party in Paris the 28-29 may

Thanks for answers.

Bellegarde Laurent
free video :

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