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Tue May 3 23:23:40 UTC 2011

On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 7:09 PM, Tom Poe <tompoe at> wrote:

>  I need an OS that recognizes media in my CD/DVD drive, and lets me play
> DVD and CD with VLC media player.  Are there instructions that I should use
> to reformat my hard disc and install the ubuntustudios?
> Thanks, Tom Poe, Eden Valley, MN
> you can do all of that with plain old ubuntu (no need for ubuntustudio)...
i usually suggest trying the live CD that can be obtained from and seeing how the system
runs "live" before installing to the hard drive... the installer is very
intuitive and pretty much walks you through the process painlessly... feel
free and ask if you have specific questions... you need to work out how to
boot your machine from CD (usually a simple bios setting) but this setting
is specific to your machine type, and i cant really tell you exactly how to
achieve that, however, with most machines, booting CD first is a default
setting... as far as playing most commercial DVD's, you cant do that with an
out-of-the-box install of ubuntu... for information on why that is, check
out and how to get DVD
playback if you choose go to ... the idea
of ubuntustudio is more for creating media, but ubuntutstudio has the same
sources as  ubuntu and you can add the necessary software to play DVD's with
it if you choose... enjoy

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