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On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 10:57 AM, Timothy Cook
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> When beginning a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio (Natty Alpha 3) Network
> detection fails.
> I only have Wifi network connectivity where I am now.  So I am concerned
> that Wifi is not enabled by default in Studio.  This means that if I install
> it as a fresh install I will not be able to complete installation/upgrades.
> Is this correct?  I hope not.  :)
> --Tim
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> Timothy Cook, MSc


I am disheartened to hear that you are having trouble with wireless under
Natty as we switched from gnome-network-admin to network-manager to try to
avoid this situation.  Given your statement "fresh install of Ubuntu Studio
(Natty Alpha 3)" I am given to understand you are doing a full install from
DVD and not "upgrading" a vanilla Ubuntu installation.

Did you have this issue before with previous releases of Ubuntu Studio (i.e.
Maverick, Lucid)?

Can you explain what you are trying to do to check if wireless is connected
and how you determined it's not working?

If you right click on the top panel, choose "Add to Panel...", and choose
"Indicator Applet", does it give you an icon with two computers
overlapping?  Can you left click it and possibly enable wireless from there?

I am eager to have this issue resolved for all users.

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