Hardware recommendations ??

alexander dahlberg dahlberg.alexander at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 19:13:50 UTC 2011

Hi lindsay.

I have been using ubuntu studio dist for about a year now an when i have
time i will write down how i set it up on my old laptop for recording in our
rehersal room.

The awesome thing about linux systems is they dont need the most modern
hardware to run smoothly. Im using a 5 year old zepto laptop with 70Gb of
sata hdd.2Gb of ram and the built in intel HDA chip with one port in and one

For office app i use google docs and thats where i share my ogg's aswell
with the rest of the band.

Since we record everything at once i dont mind 40ms latency.;)

The one tip i would give to other hobbyists is spend your money on a good
mixer and mics insteand of hardware and give yourself time to read up on
ardour and jackd. The money you will save on licences is soo worth it ;)

And of course. Dont forget to share your songs ! ;-)

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