Recording with Alesis IO/2, what about the "noise"?

Giuliano Braglia forevergyl at
Thu Mar 17 17:16:44 UTC 2011

Hi Community!

I aknowledge that I am not an expert :) as some of you know, i have just
bought this card, and started experimenting. It's wonderful ;)...

Tecnical issue: there's a sound "ffffssssssssss" (I don't know its name in
english) when listening/recording to an input, mic or guitar, that results
also in a slight noise in the recording.

I guess it's normal. But I wonder why it is there. Is it due to the quality
of the card? Of the microphone? Of the cable? Of my armchair? :p

And, do you think that there is a way to reduce it a bit? A setting or


Why I'm not able to listen to myseln directly through Ardour? I set
everything ok, input to "audio1", "audio1" to "master", "master" to
"speaker". I can record, I can listen to what I record, but I can't listen
to myself while I record :)
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