Working USB sound card?

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Wed Mar 9 15:15:12 UTC 2011

2011/3/8 Thomas Orgis <thomas-forum at>

> Am Tue, 8 Mar 2011 13:34:22 +0100
> schrieb Giuliano Braglia <forevergyl at>:
> > I like it... so you are using it and it works properly?
> I use one, yes, and it works like a charm. Out of the box with alsa's usb
> audio driver. I also recommended to a non-geek friend and she's rather
> happily using it, too (using ubuntu studio). I did not use MIDI or SP/DIF,
> though. It's apparently not the best interface regarding S/N ratio, but you
> don't expect that for around 100 €. There's always something better
> quality-wise, but this box is compact, rugged (the non-express one, at
> least), and offers all flexibility a home recording person needs, plus
> balanced outputs. The support for 24bit / 48kHz format was a must for me to
> be compatible to the projects we record in the "studio" (band practice room,
> with an FA-101) ... and more resolution (sample rate) doesn't make sense, in
> this price class for sure.
Ok... I bought this (the express edition).

Hope it will work, otherwise I'll have to sell it :(

I'm a bit worried because I've seen some forums where they say (said...)
that they are (were...) having problems (using the past because the posts
are dated around 2010).


and another one in italian, although here they say it works.

In the post in italian I read also someone who said that the card could not
work because it is not listed here Actually,
it is listed as "unknown".

If someone wants to confort me, thank you :p

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